Bimar is an Italian company born from a small joinery. The passage of time, generational changes and forty years of experience have made it a leader in custom-made furnishings.
Bimar, thanks to its limitless desire to understand, research and amaze, is able to process and create a "tailored" look for the living space, meeting the needs of those who occupy it. It is constantly looking for new solutions, materials and technology using the synergy obtained from the cooperation of its design studio and the help of established architects.
It is a combination that guarantees the creation of furniture, based both on our design as well as that of the client for Hotels, Hospitality facilities, Wellness centres, Spas, Residences, Agritourisms, Bars, Restaurants, Shops and Private Residences. Adding quality design accessories, we use our skills to make each space unique, advising on the choice of materials suitable for the intended use, colour combinations, research on accessories and optimisation of space, time and cost.
Bimar, while maintaining handcrafted skills, is equipped with a modern production department consisting of technological machinery which generates the highest standards of customised and standard Italian design.
The company reaches national and international markets by presenting itself as the main partner of reference to characterise hospitality in every aspect, both in terms of quality and functionality and in terms of comfort and service, helping to create spaces of great prestige and image.